Character Creation Guidelines

Your Over the Edge 3e character needs a strong concept, and it will get expressed through a few game mechanics. First, figure out who you are. This is a modern-day campaign, and your character has made the journey to Al Amarja, a Mediterranean island where things get a little weird.

Each PC has what’s known as a Question Mark, which is a thing about your character that might or might not be true. Examples from the rulebook:

  • Honourable-? (what might tempt them?)
  • Stable-? Sane-? (maybe less than they think)
  • Fearless-? (what might get to them?)
  • Hard-hearted-? (what might touch them?)
  • Trustworthy-? (could be manipulated)
  • Altruistic-? (but might take what they think they deserve)

Each PC also has a Main Trait and a Side Trait. These are things you’re good at. Your Main Trait basically defines who you are and what you can do, and you can riff on it a little during the game. For example, if your Main Trait is that you’re a medic then you know how to keep people alive, and how to deal with traumatized people, and how to break bad news to the family, and so forth. If being a medic is your Side Trait then all you’re using it for is keeping people alive.

You also have a Trouble. This is just an opportunity to inject a little chaos into the game, but please don’t choose something that will diminish the fun of the other people at the table. Examples from the rulebook:

  • I take risks to help an innocent in danger
  • I let curiosity get the best of me
  • I listen to my imaginary friend
  • I pursue a new experience
  • I crank things up to 11
  • I pursue exotic tissue samples
  • I show off

Finally, each of these four characteristics has a Tell. These don’t have to give anything away, particularly if they concern a secret; they’re just products of what’s going on with you. Examples from the rulebook:

  • A Linebacker is…built like a linebacker.
  • The Cursed Stuntman has an athletic build and plenty of scars.
  • The Ex-Bassist Rockstar has a glam style in hair and dress.
  • The Pro Gambler is missing some pieces of their fingers due to certain debts that went unpaid.
  • The Martial Arts Master always moves with grace and efficiency.

Character Creation Guidelines

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